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Is this really a SECRET?

Nobody else is talking about an INSTALLS METHOD like this, so we think it is, yes.

This page will be shared with 8000 UK Installers, so the sooner you get started with this, the better.

This is just one of the strategies we reveal in the free video course to XXX your marketing results in 3 ways:

  • More Website Traffic & Enquires via Google

  • Convert More Leads into Paying Customers

  • Sell More to Your Existing Customers

Google it!

My client (shown highlighted in the Google Screenshot) dominate Google for their products, moving up to NINE of their Competitors at a time onto Page 2 of Google – where nobody looks.

I introduce the Installs Method in the ‘Update’ Video and go into more detail in the ‘Optimise’ Video.

Why don’t you Google “wall mounted canopies” (without quote marks) followed by all of the Counties listed below to see if you can find my client in the free listings on Page 1 of Google:

  • Yorkshire [#1-9]
  • Hampshire [#1-9]
  • Wiltshire [#1-9]
  • Essex [#1-9]
  • London [#1-7]
  • Devon [#1-6]

Their website is Optimised for 56 Counties & 100’s of Towns… Search for other areas to see if you can find them – also Google ‘wall mounted canopies’ & ‘canopies’ without a location & you’ll them find them on Page One too – submit the form and I will share this method with you.

Introduction Video Reveals…

  • 3 Step Process adding £1Million p/a (last 4 yrs) for ‘A-Z Installers’

  • World’s Number 1 Marketing System (Google It)

  • My Aim to Help Installers, Trades & SMEs Take Control

  • What to do about Vicky Pollard (Little Britain) “No But, Yeah But”

  • 4 Ways ‘iMarketing’ Will Multiply Your Customers, Sales & Profit

  • The Marketing Channels ‘A-Z’ Use to Generate Their Customers

Hit a Brick Wall with Traditional Marketing?

Leonardo Wood from LGX Installers Marketing recently presented an iMarketing Workshop in a break-out session at the Kent Construction Expo to share the secrets that his client uses to generate over £1,000,000 in Sales using their Website, Google & Email Marketing. If you have hit a brick-wall with traditional marketing, watch this video to find out how you can increase your turnover by 30-50% using the Internet and Internet tools.

“I have developed a 3-Step iMarketing Process to help Installers, Tradespeople and SME’s take control of their Digital Marketing, to multiply their Customers & Sales, so they Make More Money. Watch this FREE Video Course, then send the link to your Staff and get them to implement the steps I am sharing with you here, to transform your marketing and sales too”

Leonardo Wood, LGX Installers Marketing

UPDATE Video Reveals…

  • Why We’re Estimating a £260,000 p/a Increase in Sales

  • INSTALLS METHOD = How to Create An Awesome Sales Tool

  • 78% & 96% ‘Adult’ Stats About Websites – this is Vital for Growth

  • The Journey Your Potential Customers Take to Get to You

  • Why THE RIGHT Website (Business Card, Branding, Quotes) Matter

  • Dozens of Website Content Ideas – which ones are you using?

The 1st Thing Your Potential Customers Do Is…

If someone sees your business on Facebook, is recommended to you by one of your previous customers, sees your van or reads an offline advert about your business, one of the 1st things they will do is check out your website before they email you, call you or visit you. If your website is not up to scratch or contain the right information, you will miss sales opportunities.

“Having full control over our website has been crucial for us, not only do I have complete peace of mind now because my website is in my account, I can update my website whenever I like, easily adding offers, news, updates and new pages without having to rely on other people. This has been worth at least £85,000 to us in recurring income generated by new Sales over the last 3 years.”

OPTIMISE Video Reveals…

  • How We KNOW ‘A-Z’ Sales Are UP by £667,000 p/a

  • INSTALLS METHOD = 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 & 10 on Google :-)

  • The Content Labelling Strategy Explained [TITLE TAGS]

  • The 5 MINUTE Website Tweak That Generated £43,000

  • The Best Place to Hide a Dead Body – Watch it and Google it

  • Why Are You Still Reading This? – Watch the Videos Instead

Where is the Best Place to Hide a Dead Body?

Watch the Video to find out… you will also discover one of the most important factors for getting your website listed on page 1 of Google in the free listings when people search online for a business like yours – and the ONE WORD we added to a Website that led to a £43,000 Contract a few weeks later.

“Leo was extremely helpful and a definite expert in his field… This week we secured a £43,000 contract with a school in Suffolk for a new fire alarm system… when asked where they heard about TTSS they said they found our website from a Google search… amazing stuff!”
Danny Botterell, TTSS – Tendring Telecoms & Security Systems

SHARE Videos Reveal…

  • ‘ONE CLICK’ Share to G+, Facebook, Twitter… Everyone Loves This

  • Facebook Detailed Target Advertising – 38 Million Waiting on FB!!

  • Links to Social Tools for Automation, Scheduling & Monitoring Your Ads

  • How a Local Firm Used Free Email Software to Make Over £240k in Sales

  • The Sats You Need to Focus On – Increase Conversion/Retention Rates

  • Tools, Links & More Videos for Email Marketing Success

SECRET: Automate ‘Social’ Sharing in 1 CLICK

Share Video Part 1: Millions of people including your Customers use Google+, Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin but the chances are you don’t have time to connect with them through each of those individual platforms. Watch this Video to discover the Secret App that Shares Your Marketing Messages to ALL of those platforms with the click of ONE BUTTON. Unless you have seen this video before, you will not have heard about this.

Share Video Part 2: The Single Most Profitable ‘Knock Knock’ Joke Ever – This SHARE Strategy Generated Over £10,000 Per Hour Spent Using a Free Online Tool and is successful because of one of the most shocking business statistics…

68% of Customers that leave a business do so because they feel ignored!

Leonardo has a very different “Information Marketing” approach, which has transformed the way we build relationships with our target audience.

‘Educating’ prospects and existing customers is now ingrained in our culture at Able Canopies and last year alone we generated over £683,000 via Google & £464,000 in repeat sales.

Having a system to follow gives our Marketing Dept. the control they need, to generate more leads, customers, sales and word-of-mouth recommendations.

We are all very happy :-)

Tracy Meakins, Operations Manager, Able Canopies Ltd

Why Should You Care About Any of This Stuff?

Dear Installer, Tradesperson or Small Business Owner…

My name is Leonardo Wood, I am the founder of LGX Installers Marketing and creator of the world’s number 1 marketing system: MULTIPLY®

I created this iMarketing Course because I am fed up with seeing business owners taken for a ride, ripped-off or struggling to move their businesses to the next level, because they do not understand the Strategies, Tactics and Tools required to use the Internet to generate enquiries and sales.

When I left school at the age of 16 (28 years ago) to work with my Dad in our family Sign Installations business, marketing and advertising was a lot easier back then.

There was a lot less competition about for starters, and all you really needed was a decent Advert in the Yellow Pages and a great reputation, which almost guaranteed a steady flow of work, and you were able to charge what you deserved to be paid for your products and services.

Things are much different now, competition is at an all-time high and there are dozens of things you need to do online to ensure you generate enough leads and enquiries to bring the sales you need to grow your business.

There’s also no such thing as Customer Loyalty these days; your Customers could be gone in a flash, partly due to having the world at their fingertips through their smartphone or tablet.

To celebrate the launch of (new website coming soon) we’re offering this Free Video Course worth £95 to help UK Installers, Tradespeople & Small Business owners by sharing this information about the incredible opportunities available to you, for marketing and advertising your business online.

If you’re not currently using the iMarketing Strategies I teach… get excited, get on board and implement the strategies to Multiply your Customers and Sales so you Make More Money!

Best wishes


Leonardo Wood
LGX Installers Marketing
Supporting Installers, Tradespeople & SMEs for 28 Years

PS. Submit the web form now, whilst it’s free, for ‘plain English’ Internet Marketing advice you can use – you will not be disappointed. Actionable step-by-step secrets guaranteed.

‘A-Z Installers’ have one person full time running their iMarketing Process and they Invest around £4,500 in direct costs p/a, which generates over £1,000,000 in Sales per year, a 5650% ROI…

If you’re thinking… “I can’t invest that amount of time or money into an iMarketing Process” then you’re thinking the same as ‘A-Z Installers’ when they first started… which is why I created the 1-Hour iMarketing Plan to help them get started… and to help you get started too.

Put someone on this for just 1 Hour per week and as you start to see profitable results, gradually invest more time and money in the process, to create an asset that generates Customers and Sales like clock work.

NOTE: The 1-Hour iMarketing Plan is explained in detail at the end of the ‘Share Part 2’ Video.

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IMPORTANT: Please don’t interpret any of the information on this page, in the associated reports or upcoming Video Course as a guarantee or promise of your future earnings. These results are not typical, usually because most people are not prepared to follow the steps and because each individual business is different. We’ve been doing this for almost 10 years, and naturally have an advantage as a result. Also, the average person who buys any “marketing or success” information (or something similar) rarely gets any results at all. It’s a bit like buying home exercise equipment and never looking like the person in the commercials selling it. I don’t know why that is, but I think it’s safe to say it’s true across the board, with whatever you’re trying to improve. The bottom line is: IT TAKES CONSISTENT WORK AND EFFORT TO GET RESULTS. If business was easy, everybody would be rich. So if you’re looking for an “easy button” or a “magic potion” that’ll make you money fast, this information is not for you – it’s best you know that now, to save disappointment later.

Installers Marketing is a Trading Style of LGX Ltd.

If you have any questions, please email us at, call us at 0845 618 7312 or write to Leonardo Wood, LGX Installers Marketing, Head Office, Fairycroft House Arts & Media Centre, 37 Audley Road, Saffron Walden, Essex CB11 3HD. Thank you.